Spinnerette (F/F, MC?, transformation)

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Spinnerette (F/F, MC?, transformation)

Post  creativerealms on Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:51 am

Spinnerette is a web comic about a girl who gains spider-powers. It is a super hero comic parody with a manga art style and plenty of fanservice, much of it f/f is nature. Now Issue Seven is the one that makes me think of this group. In it "evil Spinnerette" Alexis Woodrow a super villain who gave up her humanity to become a half human half spider creature called a "Drider" (she's still hot even with her legs replaced.) does what appears to be a mind controlling kiss on a girl that's bullying her. She claims the kiss will make that girl devoted to her but then tells the hero she's lying. Turns out the "bully" was in on it the whole time and the kiss was just to gain the good Spinnerette's trust (there is a lesbian relationship possible between good Spinneratte and a fellow hero) and Dekota was really loyal to the Evil Spinnerette from the start. Oh and Evil Spinnerette also turns Dekota into a "drider" like her near the end.


I figure this is the best place if any for web comic examples since Lurker already used it for one.

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Re: Spinnerette (F/F, MC?, transformation)

Post  Rainday on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:10 pm

Thought I would throw up this page because Spinnerette has definitely been put into a trance.

Also, while this series seems fast paced at times, I like the direction it's going... Yes I'm probably saying that because of the yuri. 6 arms... The wonders of what one could do... Mecha Maid must be very pleased.

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