All my commissioned transformation games

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All my commissioned transformation games

Post  Thaylialus on Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:35 am


I have previoulsy posted links to transformation games on rpg maker that I have commissioned from yeaka.  I though I'd link to my shop where they are currebtly all avaialble, with a quick description of each and a shot of the title screen.  They are all nsfw on the art and language used.

Mariska's Rebirth - a group of adventurers enter a recently reopened tomb of a deadly succubus to quell the earthquakes plaguing a nearby village. Mariska needs a new vessel and she has options....

Masedur Prime - a space exploration crew has discovered a new planet full of all sorts of secrets and a mad scientist looking to create a new race.

New & Improved - different sprite set then usual. A steampunk west scientist may have found the way to make super miners or a way to make slimey sexy monsters.

Monsters & Magic - trying out some old school pen and paper RPG turns all to real for a group as their GM goes wicked sexy witch and has plans all her own for them.

The Wrong Rite - in a town besieged by demons, one of the towns warriors finds a spell that changes her perspective and agenda. Sequel to Mariska's Rebirth

The Tomb of Masks - A tem of archeologists are asked to investigate a long abandoned tomb but accidentally awaken an ancient goddess and her servants hidden away within masks

Here's the link to the store


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Re: All my commissioned transformation games

Post  obviousagent on Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:37 am

It seems none of the games are available to purchase?


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