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tv tropes wrote:Freshly graduated from middle school, Mirai Kakehashi has only one wish: throwing himself off a roof to end his miserable life, having been treated as a slave for years by his foster family after his parents died in an accident. And jumping off a roof he does… but his guardian angel, a young-looking girl called Nasse, doesn't want to let him die and saves him just before he hits the ground. Nasse has one goal: making Kakehashi happy, no matter what.

After which she gives him two powers: the wings of "freedom" (the ability to fly at light-speed) and the arrow of "love" (the abitily to make anyone love him for 33 days). Little does he know at first, he is only one of 13 humans, each chosen by an angel in a competition to choose the new God. Kakehashi soon realizes that these angel powers can be scary, and that not everyone is as scrupulous as he is in their use.

Platinum End is the latest collaboration of Obata Takeshi and Ohba Tsugumi, the writer/artist duo behind Death Note and Bakuman。, published in the Monthly Jump Square since November 2015.

Limitations of the Red Arrow:
The Angel's Arrow lets the user shoot anyone with an arrow to make them love you for 33 days(Red) or kill them instantly(White).

One Red Arrow has 14 shots. Once 14 people are effected by the arrow it can not be used until ether one of the targets pass the 33 day time limit or dies.

Wings & Arrows can be given to someone else, if a God Candidate kills another God Candidate they can claim the Wings & Arrows of the deceased.

A person only be affected by one Red Arrow at a time and you can't use the Red Arrow on the same person twice.

The 13 Angels come in three types 1st Class, 2nd Class and S Class
iirc 2nd class only have the Wings or one of the Arrows(there are 4 or 5 of these Angels)
1st class have 2 out of the 3 the Wings and/or the Red Arrow and/or the White Arrow(there are 5 or 6 of there Angels)
S Class have all three(there are 3 of these Angels)

I'll edit this to add some pages later pages will be out of order and will be within spoiler brackets of course


here are some pages a friend gathered for me... I haven't checked them and some are just talk about the effect. that are pages you do not want to see but to summarize it should show the hero, the heroine, the villain and a non-God Candidate who was lent the Arrows using them

random pages of relevance:

more pages:

the rest I was given:


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