Tiana the new Shadow Man

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Tiana the new Shadow Man

Post  Spiritai1 on Sat May 09, 2015 7:26 pm

Hey there
found this pics with a small story. Showing how the character Tiana became evil and took the place of the so called Shadow Man the antagonist in the move The Princess and the Frog

artist darkfire-jd --> http://darkfire-jd.deviantart.com/

Pic with story

Story by Clanbob
artist: worldofsolgamia --> http://worldofsolgamia.deviantart.com/

(Warning Major Spoilers)

The spirits had dragged the Shadow Man down to Hell. Tiana was ready to run to Naveen and tell her how she really felt. She made one hop with her froggy legs and that was a far as she got. The spirits returned. Their mystic smoke and masks swirled around her. Their magic freezing her in place.

"What? Why would you spirits still be helping him? I broke his talisman!" The masks drew closer and began to chant. "You broke the charm but not the curse. Broke the charm but not the curse." Tiana felt their words echoing through her. She began to feel unclean. "So how do I break the curse? How do I return to human?" One mask flew on her face. Her mind was invaded by memories that weren't hers. She saw how the Shadow Man got his powers. He had broken the previous Shadow Mans charm. He opened himself to the spirits and their power became his.

The mask released from her and went back in line with the others and began chanting again. Tiana attempted to compose herself. The memories and chanting were swirling around in her head. "How...How does that tell me how to end this curse?" The masks began to spin another direction and their chant changed. "ARE YOU READY! Take the power. ARE YOU READY!" Tiana understood. If she became the new Shadow Man, she could end the curse. And why shouldn't she. That power could help her and Naveen achieve their dreams.

"Is it really that simple? Whats the catch" Asked Tiana as their chanting grew louder. The masks broke away and started swirling in inconsistent patterns around her. "NO MORE QUESTIONS! You belong to us. NO MORE QUESTIONS! You belong to us." Their singing and chanting were blocking out her own thoughts. She wasn't even able to respond now. She felt their influence in every part of her body. She closed her eyes trying to block them out. Within a few seconds she heard nothing.

She opened her eyes and the world seemed smaller. She looked down and saw she was human again. "What? How?" She had so many questions but saw the clock in the distance and knew she needed to act now. Naveen might not be human and needed her. She wanted to run but as she found, her legs still wouldn't move. Smoke erupted from bellow her. And the voices came back. "WE OWN YOU! Like we owned him. "WE OWN YOU! Like we owned him." The masks reappeared and swirled the smoke around her. She was completely enveloped. Trying to scream only send the smoke swirling down into her body.

She felt like her brain was part of the smoke. And as it dissipated, so did parts of her. It dissipated to reveal her body changed. Her bust enlarged. The dress she had borrowed was gone and replaced by leather and silk. A bracelet on her wrist pulsed with the voodoo spirits power. She looked over herself. Felt every inch of new body. "Now what was I in a hurry to do again? Oh right. I could use a new necklace. Naveen looks about the right size."

She began to saunter off through what was left of the festivities in the city. Everyone took notice of her. And with every person she laid eyes on, she saw new curses just waiting to be sealed. She continued her walk to find Naveen. All while humming, 'Are You Ready' to herself.


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