Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works & Heaven's Feel

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Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works & Heaven's Feel

Post  Aggra on Wed May 06, 2015 5:06 pm

Ok so I am watching the new Fate/stay Night edition that follows another Route of the game.
In this route there is one peculiar Servant that some how might match this forum.
Unfortunatly, at least for me, at ends midway which was a real turn off.

So here we go!
I will leave the real names of the Servant out of the game.
It might be a little spoiler.

Villainess : Caster
Victims : Saber
Method : Noble Phantasm Rule Breaker & Command Spells
Time :
Episode 12
The battle begins at(14:50 till 26:50), caster takes control of Saber at(22:50) at (24:40) she uses her command spell to let saber attack her own friends. I like the sad look on Saber after she attack Emiya, her former master.
Episode 13
At (3:20 till 3:50) caster is shown how she intends to breaks Saber's will with her magic, so that she chooses her as her master from her heart. I really loved that scene, even if she doesn't take control of her just the sight of her suffering under the magic of caster was really cool. And her outfit and pose   I love you
At 10:20 begins another fight, this time between archer and caster where archer betrays(13:20) his master and gets willingly captured by caster.
Since Archer is male I won't go further into it, especially since it also willingly which I am not much of a fon of Razz
Episode 16
At 19:10 begins another fight, this time between Archer and Lancer where Archer protects his Master(Caster) from Lancer and let's the former master of Saber into the building where Saber is been hold. Other there isn't any scene of interest here.
Episode 17
At 4:40 begins the battle of the former Master of Saber and his Tohsaka(Archers former Master) against Caster and her Master.
Unfortunatly Caster and her Master get killed here and Saber is freed of her spell.
I really really wanted to see Saber get turned against her former Master and fight against him.
This was kind of a turn off for me :O

In the game there is a bad end concerning Saber and Caster, right after Saber get's captured and Tohsaka, Archer and Emiya(Master of Saber) go to the church. If you go to soon into the fight before Archer betrays you, Caster uses her command spells to use Saber to kill you. Unfortunatly this is only control of her body and not her soul, but at least she kills him!

In the game there is also a third route, Heaven's Feel.
In this route Emiya's friend, Sakura, get corrupted by the magic of her family. With the same magic is also a corruption of Saber inside there.
After that she attacks Emiya and her friend 2 or 3 times until she is finally killed by Emiya himself.
Unfortunatly you don't see her get corrupted. She fights against another Servant and get's pulled into some kind of Shadow thing.
The next time you see her she is already corrupted. Would really have like to see her get broken there also.
Well Sakura loves Emiya but can't accept his love since she is unworthy and then her hate turns her into evil.
She also changes her "style" when she get's corrupted. As far as I remember there are also two endings in this game in one where she get's killed by emiya, and the other where he rescues her.

Now for a few pictures!

Captured in the Chapel:

Corrupted Saber:


Dark Sakura:

I will look some more into the Unlimited Blade Works route in the game.
Maybe there was a bad end that I missed where Saber is fully overtaken by Caster's magic and becomes her pawn even in her soul.


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Re: Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works & Heaven's Feel

Post  Rainday on Thu May 07, 2015 5:17 am

Very good, 15 points for the sighting in the anime(some good screencaps of key points would work wonders and give you 5-10 more points).  But I'll go ahead and grab you the official magazine image scans

And for the sake of it I'll provide a link to more "modern" Sakura art, just because that image doesn't do her justice =)

But yeah, she really fills out

Anyway, if you can get some caps or clip, that would be perfect, though what you have is fine.  

Also, the first Fate/Stay Night anime has some mind control in it, if you feel up to posting about that.
Hot sexy spoilers:

When she was Caster's thrall that she turned against Rin


As for the game sighting, you might want to cut that and put it in one of the game sections, as it stands it's worth 15 right now.

There's also Fate/Unlimited Codes where you can play the story mode for both Dark Sakura and Saber Alter, Dark Sakura even has a "rape" attack she uses on foes in it.  Finally, there is a somewhat decent F/M scene in Fate/Hollow with "SHIROU" and Rider, where she uses her powers to hypnotize Shirou into a 3some, except Sakura is also an illusion in it I believe(might be wrong)
Rider does something similar to this in Realta Nua I think... but I'm probably wrong.

Also, yes, Emiya is a tool for the most part, a kind tool, but quite stupid...
Major story spoilers for EVERYTHING:
Until he becomes Archer at least, then he's just badass.  To be fair though he does have his moments at the end of Heaven's Feel vs Gilgamesh("KING OF HEROES, DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH SWORDS!") and Heaven's Feel, where he uses Berserker's Noble Phantasm and sacrifices his life to save Sakura.  Still, as far as badass male servants go, Lancer clinches it out because of the UBW movie, where he defies Kotomine's orders to kill Rin, only to be forced to kill himself, THEN KILL KOTOMINE because he's just that damn strong and determined after stabbing out his heart, then saves Rin, where they talk about maybe next time, they could be master and servant(a fate that is realized in Fate/Extra)

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