Good Gallery on female Sailor moon villians

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Good Gallery on female Sailor moon villians

Post  Spiritai1 on Fri May 01, 2015 12:12 pm

Hey everyone,

when I was on e-hentai today I found this great gallery which has a picture from every (or most I am not so sure) feamle villain in sailor moon
I thought it could help anyboday who wants to write a story about them or maybe do something else. It shows the characters before and after transformation
The artwork itself is from the artist
the link to the gallery
title of the work: Sailor Moon monster Book

Hope everyone has fun with it


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Re: Good Gallery on female Sailor moon villians

Post  Rainday on Sat May 02, 2015 7:33 pm

Ah, had to find this first. This is where you can legally buy it

I was wondering whatever happen to this, good to see it turned out really well. Just remember, if you want to support such stuff, be sure to show it with your wallet.

$9 is a extremely good price considering how much each pic individually must of cost to commission, and hinomars19's art is just so freaking sexy. Not going to view it in detail till I actually buy it(when I figure out paypal...)

But yeah, nice find dood, I'll give you 10 points for it(it does contain EC in it as well as the sexy monstergirls).

(Side thought: It would be really cool if we could start something similar, on a much smaller scale of course. What would be a good starting test would be a $40 commission with a price line of $5(wait for it) or something, though when we reach the price of the commission it becomes available to everyone for free and any money spent after that would go to the next commission(though we would have to set a cap to make sure it doesn't go out of hand). However the big problem would be how to decide what to commission and other things. Afterall, this site runs on a money free system and I'd rather not tarnish that in someway, and someone else would need to take care of the finances since I'm not really comfortable with e-money...)

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