Ying Yang Yo (EC)

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Ying Yang Yo (EC)

Post  DanielleByron on Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:46 am

Heroine: Yang
Method: Infectious evil
Result: Goth Yang, Evil Yang, Heavy Metal Yang (just trust me)

In the catroon Ying Yang Yo, there are two somewhat relevant episodes, one for this forum, and the other for The Process forum, which involves AP. The episode is from season 2 , number 10, and is called "Gone a fowl". Ying and Yang are karate bunnies that save the world from evil-doers. One of these is Coop, a nerdy chicken whose alter ego is the most evil of all of them. If fact, he is so evil, that being around him makes Yang evil as well. There is no maledom involved, since there is no dom at all, and the evil Yang is pretty much her own thing.


Promising intro go!

Steve Urkel in the house!

I feel like Yang is also on our forum for some reason, since we feel this way about the heroines.

"Oh no, it's contagious!"

"Oh yeah, it's contagious!"

A new dose of evil never hurt anybody, right?

Told ya, heavy metal.

And a third shot of evil. Is that some sort of record?

The evil plot is eventually stopped by a fight between a panda and a clown. How's that for a plot device?
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Re: Ying Yang Yo (EC)

Post  Rainday on Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:35 pm

10 points, if you have any questions see guideline #7

You did put a good amount of work into this though, so props.

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