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Final Fantasy VI(MC)

Post  Rainday on Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:36 pm

Okay, in this thread I'll be listing all monsters that list charm, and probably throw in the rest of the female enemies while I'm at it.  There are no instances of charm in the story(if I remember right).

First up, the smoking seductresses(arranged in order by level since you can visit most of them in whatever order you want).

Name(s): Darling(SNES/PS)/Misty(GBA/iPhone),

These two are fought by examining the "picture of a lovely lady" in Owser's Mansion and as such are a unique encounter.  When examined the party is thrown into a battle that they cannot escape from.  While they themselves do not have a charm skill like their sisters, they do have a ability unique to them, Eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is a single target skill that blinds the victim(go ahead and imagine them ganging up on Celes and applying it to her so they can have some fun with her).  Other interesting facts about them is that they have a strong resistance to magic attacks, especially to poison(perhaps it's from they're smoking), they have a tendency to cast Cura on a attacker(a show of affection?), and will fall once they hit zero MP(implying they need magic to sustain their existence in the real world).  Another popular theory is that they(along with their sisters) smoke Rafflesia flowers, a plant enemy that can cast Entice/Charm(I'll go into detail about this skill later).

I'm going to be elaborate with these it seems, so I'll go ahead and post this one in order not to make a single long post.
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