Soul Eater Not! (MC F/F)

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Soul Eater Not! (MC F/F)

Post  Rainday on Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:00 pm

Ok, so in Soul Eater Not, our main villainess is the youngest amoung the Gorgon sister, Shaula Gorgon

(GODDESS I love everything about her, her patterned hair, scorpion motif, school uniform, ying yang eyes, and that braid is legendary!)
She goes about testing her mind controlling venom on the people and students of Death City.  Shaula's venom makes her victim a slave to her every whisper.

Episode 7

Villainess: Shaula Gorgon
Victim: Eternal Feather
Method: Ring laced with poison
Effect: Complete Mind control, submission to all commands, eye color change, braids become like scorpion stingers.
Time: 17:35-18:50 (Placing her ring on Eternal Feather, Eternal Feather becoming mind controlled, Shaula whispering commands) 19-rest of episode, Eternal Feather tearing up the town. (make sure to click the clock to change from time remaining to time stamp)

One of the little touches I love about this scene is not only how the induction is done, but the fact that Eternal Feather's braids look like scorpion stringers afterwards, it's such a nice touch.  Also, if your worried about the end of the ep...
Don't worry, she lives, and doesn't even lose her hair, just her memories of the event and a little scar on her neck


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