Akiba’s Trip 2 "What if" manga (EC)

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Akiba’s Trip 2 "What if" manga (EC)

Post  Rainday on Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:26 pm



I decided to put this here because it is based on the game...  As far as I can tell this is a story about "what if your little sister was actually one of those vampire creatures"...   The game itself is not really something that makes sense to me, and finding the plot for it is nigh impossible...  This is the best source I came across.
http://www.siliconera.com/tag/akibas-trip-2/  (Also, you may be able to change your "skin" to that of a female) 

You go around stripping girls and guys of their clothing with a female partner to reveal if the character is a "vampire-like creature".  The vampires M.O. is convert Akihabara into their own domain by (one assumes) biting and turning people.  Now you may say to yourself, "hey, this sounds kinda sexy and relevant", but then in the same paragraph that stripping them "kills them"...




In my personal opinion that may be missing the point...  I mean, surly they could of come up with something that wasn't so, well, moody bullshit that ruins the aspect of stripping... Like say, I don't know...  It cures them and puts them in a daze and you use a special camera that removes their memories of being a vampire, better shots remove more memories while they utter "What's going on... *flash*  Huh?  ...  Why am I in my *flash* ... Huh?", with the final shot making them "climax" and pass out.

Again, it my opinion that fanservice and death should not be next door to each other...  I don't begrudge people if they like it, I just think it's unnecessarily dark for a game that's about stripping.

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