Blue Dragon S2 EP9: Dance of Love(F/F F/M MC)

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Blue Dragon S2 EP9: Dance of Love(F/F F/M MC)

Post  Rainday on Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:10 am

Okay, just gonna get this out of the way, the heroes in this are young, but still this is charm central concerning dancing, it's like Maya from Dragon Quest being animated, and evil, and using her dances to charm crowds and drain their energy.

Villainesses: Donna & Layla
Victims: Crowds of men, jealous women, main hero and heroine
Method: Dancing, Puff-Puff(well, more boobie embrace, but what the hell)
Effect: Charmed (then drained)
Times: 5:13-7:00(charm crowd and Maro) 7:24-7:31(the after effects and some evil giggling) 8:15-10:30(basically a long scene with the hero's party being charmed, but if you just want the main attraction, 9:52) 10:55-12:20(people getting charmed and drained) 13:02-14:46(villainesses discussing their power and plan, backstory) 17:04-19:08(them charming Maro while the other kid be's a kid and ruins the fun)


This episode also has something that I just love, the good guys plan going awry and them (nearly) failing. It's just the best, to see how flustered they get and everything they did was for naught(except they usually pull it out of their ass at the last second...). But this has that, though it would be way more awesome if it were some properly aged females, and they did fail.

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