Slayers Season 1 ep 23(MC F/M)

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Slayers Season 1 ep 23(MC F/M)

Post  Rainday on Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:19 pm

Ok, so I just watched this episode today so I'll share this moment with you.  It's more humorous and play for laughs, but it's still a mind control scene.  

Villainess: Eris
Victim: Gourry (attempted Lina first)
Method: Jewels that attach themselves to the forehead
Effect: Complete submission to ones will.
Time:12:40-14:10(make sure to switch from time remaining to time elasped)
(both are free and don't require an account)

Basically Eris is a clone creating villainess.  She controls her more powerful clones with red jewels placed(or flicked) on their forehead.  However it is displayed that this can work on people too.  She attempts to use it on Lina first, but thanks to her magic headband it doesn't work...  It makes me wonder if that's a major problem in that type of world for powerful sorceresses...  Naga has a tiara and most magic users seem to have some sort forehead ware it seems...  But yeah, that would of been quite the nice turnaround, pity Eris is so devoted to that man, she has such a nice sexy outfit and powers...

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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