Megaman Star Force ep 25-26(MC EC TF F/F)

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Megaman Star Force ep 25-26(MC EC TF F/F)

Post  Rainday on Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:59 am

What we have here is a girl who becomes jealousy and a villainess who uses that jealousy to manipulate her by offering a chance to see the one she adores. Of course there's some hypno involved to help things along.  From there Ophiuchus takes over for a little bit, until our hero arrives and Luna overrides her, though her desires are mixed with Ophiuchus.  There's some coiling(because she's basically a lamia at this point), and some lovely jealousy between her and the hero's partner, Harp Note.  

Villainess: Ophiuchus/Ophiuca
Victim: Luna Platz/Shirogane
Method: Hypnosis/Temptation
Effect: Fusion into Ophiuchus Queen/Queen Ophiuca

The scene is pretty good, from the tempting, to the brainwashed looking eyes.  Transformation is good too, matures her a bit(thank you), and frankly her new form, Ophiuchus Queen, is great.  Purple skin, revealing outfit, darkened and veiled face, and just how idolizing she becomes.  Heh, the only thing that could make this more enjoyable would be older cast, main hero is genderswapped or replaced by a heroine, her finding out that Sonia(idol singer who she also idolizes) is Harp Note, her hitting both of them with her Gorgon Gaze thus paralyzing them, then wrapping them up in her coils as she hypnotizes them to "accept her adoration fully"...  Hehehe, okay, that more warping it to suit my taste...

Tech talk
It takes place is episode 25-26, it's weird how the layout is.  It is licensed though so I can't link you the episode, despite the series not being available in America it seems.  It was on Toonami Jetstream at some point, and tried to make it on Cartoon Network, but by the looks of it, it only had a special air.  A boxset was released, in Europe...  There's also the chance that the english episode might of been cut in a way that resembles Robotech or something done by 4kids...  However I can give out the title of the episode, just cause.
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It should also be noted that this anime is based on a game of the same name, and something similar does happened to Luna except she is completely overpowered...  I'll make a section for it if it turns out "worthy".

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