Fortune Arterial (F/F MC)

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Fortune Arterial (F/F MC)

Post  Rainday on Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:12 pm

So I was browsing around the M.C. Collection when I stumbled upon this

Young royal girl controlling a older girl, this will do nicely(I do wish she looked a bit older though...). But yeah, from what I gathered this is a series about vampires, the blonde girl being the main heroine's mother. They go through some details about how a vampire makes a servant(by having the servant drink their blood) and how from that point on they enter in a master/servant relationship. Now, while the servant isn't exactly love struck for her master in this case, when her master commands her she enters a trance like state where she obeys all orders. Now, there might be more to this in the series, I'm not sure, but if you want the bare bones version, here's the video for it. Has some sexy dialog. Also if you couldn't tell, she was in a trance before the slap, but she was just walking around.

Villainess: Kaya Sendo
Victim: Kiriha Kuze
Method: Vampiric powers resulting in the victim becoming a puppet of their will.
Time: 13:55-15:53 @
There's also a additional scene with her caressing her servants face as she rest in her lap at 23:45

Now, there may be more to this, there may be less of it, in the series. Not really sure and have other things to watch atm. However, if anyone else wants to watch the series or has watched the series and can dig up the times, or at least provide more info as to this relationship that would be nice.

Here's some bonuses. At 21:25-22:10 the main heroine(also a vampire) Erika Sendo suffers a vampiric impulse that she's not sure she'll be able to control.
The mother & servant as well as Erika in vampire heat.
Kaya with some blood on her
Kaya and Kuze in a better relationship at one point?

And lastly, I picture I found of Erika a while ago that I dubbed "I wanna be a PeroPero..."


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