Favorite video games topic

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Favorite video games topic

Post  madoka on Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:30 am

Every forum needs one of these topics, discuss your all time favorite games or maybe just anything fun you might have played recently, might even be a good way to get some online gaming meet ups with members of the forum, if anyone has steam/PSN/Live or whatever.

I myself when it comes to favorite games, would say.
Mother/Earthbound series
Final fantasy 6,7 8 and 9
Skies of arcadia
Deus ex
Streets of rage
Sonic adventure 1 and 2.
Sonic 3&k
Half life series
Elder scrolls
Garrys mod
Megaman legends
Megaman X and Zero series's
Touhou project games

I could go on forever really.

Recently I've been playing the Jet set radio rerelease and hyperdimension neptunia mk2 which are both pretty good.

So yeah, what about you guys? Also if there's another a topic of this nature feel free to lock or delete this.

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Re: Favorite video games topic

Post  Bellchan on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:26 am

My favorite games are:

Persona 3 - That game has the perfect storyline for any videogame... it rewards you for how much you put in and makes you legitimately care for the entire cast. The final 3 hours are my favorite of any videogame ever.

Tales of Symphonia - Another one for the story. The story of the Tethe'alla characters was dark and heartwrenching.

The World Ends With You - A fresh and exciting new take on the stale JRPG formula with a fairly original and exciting mythos. I hope there will be more <3

Sonic Adventure 2 - My wife and I bond over this game too much. 100% pure gameplay, it's a long game with a lot to do and it rewards you for looking cool while doing it <3

Metal Gear Franchise - This is my one true love. MGS3 is my favorite game of all time. My life is currently waiting for Ground Zeroes.

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Re: Favorite video games topic

Post  Rainday on Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:04 pm

There isn't so breath a sigh of relief.

As for me, favorite game series(since I can't really pick individuals) in no particular order...

Final Fantasy series: I've played 1-10-2, 12&13, and both Dissidias. I enjoyed them all, though a few I never finished because of lesser enjoyment...(3,8,12, Duodesicum(the items!)). My top favorites are a hard pic, 5,6,7,9,13,4, or something like that.

-Castlevania series: Yes, even the old REALLY HARD ONES. But my personal favorite is Portairt of Ruin because it's such a good battle system and I love the art style. Also, Harmony of Despair is quite fun.

Donkey Kong Country series: Ah, such music and fun times.

Kirby series: I grew up on Super Stars, making Marx one of my favorite villains.

Mega Man X series: Currently on X5, F THE SHADOW DEVIL! X1 and X4 are among my favorites so far, and oh god do I love playing as Zero. Gotta love that art style and dark story too.

Atelier series: Been following them since their English release and love them, alchemy and old school TB RPG systems. I have the Arland trilogy, but haven't played it yet.
Mario series: Of course Mario. Especially SMRPG:Lot7S, one of my most replayed games that got me into RPGs. Though I am a little behind here and there.

Sailor Moon: Another Story: I want to finish this someday, because it's a fun RPG and well done despite being a licensed title.

Super Smash Bros series: This series, I love. This is the fighting game for me, my favorite characters all grouped up into games that are easy to control with easy to pull off moves. Also, I'm actually pretty boss at it.

Blazblue: SO MUCH STORY! I must confess, I'm mostly drawn to fighting games for their deserve cast, playing them has never been my strong suit. BlazBlue though, s worth the pain, but they kept releasing expansions that I couldn't keep up with since my income crashed.

Power Stone 1&2: Easy to control 3d fighter with interesting characters, Jack was always fun. I preferred 1 to 2 because of the more focused and tighter feeling system.

Metal Gear Solid series: I love this series, the story is so cool, and real yet unreal at the same time. Not to mention the comedic bits, it's like playing through the most awesome movie series ever(MGS1-4 and Peace Walker, gotta love those Miku A.I.s).

Pokemon series: It's pokemon.

Kingdom Hearts: 1, CoM, and 2. There is never gonna be a 3 is there, and by then their is gonna be so much side lore and so few FF characters it will drive me nuts.

Fire Emblem: Just the first one released in the U.S. I loved the story, and staring off as Lyn was so awesome, not to mention the lesbian themed ending you can get with her.

Resident Evil series: Remake of 1, Code Veronica, and 4... I didn't really enjoy 5... I hope 6 is good.

Portal 1&2: Puzzles and Glados, need I say more. Oh yeah, ending credits =)

Half-Life 2: This was a fun shooter with great graphics and a interesting story.

Golden Eye: Required growing up in that area, the multiplayer... so much fun. Also a big 007 fan.

Dragon Quest VIII: Interesting story, fun mechanics, Jessica, Witch Ladies, need I say more? Oh yes, IT WAS LONG!

La Pucelle: Beautiful story, awesome art, and playing as Prier was just fun.

Disgaea series: My love for this series knows no bounds

Odin Sphere: A long and hard jounery with beautiful artwork and a fun battle system. Characters were pretty awesomt too.

Left For Dead: I got one and two, and Lets Plays with them usually turn out really funny... Plus, zombie killing/killing people is fun.

Metroid Series: Zero Mission, Super Metroid, Fussion, Prime1&2, all highly enjoyable games with great atmospheric music. Plus, playing as a kick ass chick is awesome.

Lunar: Though I never got around to finishing the first one, and watched my friend play through the second... It's still such a great anime influnced series.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam series: So I get to play with various awesome moblie suits and pilots from my favorite series in a crossover for the ages, AND I get to slice and blast away billions of enemies, SIGN ME UP! Also, sexy psycho Katejina Loos.

Ar Tonelico: I've played the first one, just love how it combines dating SIM and great RPG mechanics. Ah GUST, I love you.

Zelda series: It's Zelda.

Persona 3&4: Great RPGs with great music and very interesting plots and characters, so much character development.

Dark Stalkers: Again, I suck at fighters, but how can I say know to this awesomely diverse cast.

Devil May Cry 3&4: Awesome music, awesome fighting system that just makes you feel badass, great pacing and funny moments too(Oh how I loved this scene so much)

Bayonetta: See above.

Dead or Alive: Sexy fighters, Aerosmith, and Alpha-152...

Xenosaga: Only played the first since I heard such bad things about the second and never got around to the 3rd with sexy T-elos. Still, I loved the story and artstyle in the first game, and own all 3.

.hack series: Games carrying over to games, loved it. Though I never did finish G.U., even though I have all the games...

Star Ocean 3: Multiple endings based on all the decisions you made, and sexy Maria and implied lesbian Clair Lasbard. Also, badass Albel Nox.

Parasite Eve: Such a great art style and creepy yet interesting story.

Raidy: ... It's f-ing Raidy.

Soul Calibur 3: My first and last, but it had everything I needed, like Link and a interesting "your own" story mode.

... If I had my library near me this would be a lot easier...

There are plenty of game series that I'm a fan of but haven't played yet(example, Rhapsody, Neptunia(though I do have MKII), Earthbound, Megaman Legends etc).

I do love Touhou for it's many yuri fanworks, but bullet hells... So much pain...

Oh, and trust me, there are a lot more, but I've probably spent up a hour writing all this down and referencing.

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Re: Favorite video games topic

Post  madoka on Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:19 pm

You have great tastes Rainday~

Metal Gear Franchise - This is my one true love. MGS3 is my favorite game of all time. My life is currently waiting for Ground Zeroes.

Metal gear is a fantastic series, I even enjoyed MGS2 which was hit and miss with some fans. Ground Zeroes looks pretty good so far and the open world idea there going for mixed with the story telling the series is known for really perks my interest.

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Re: Favorite video games topic

Post  Bellchan on Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:26 pm

MGS2 is fantastic. I think the game was just a victim of advertizing and Hideo Kojima trying to make a point which the gaming industry was not ready for. Once you embrace the meta-roots of the game and the fact that the game is trying to make You (Raiden) accept that you are not Snake it becomes fascinating to read in to. I could write essays on that game.

My main excitement for Ground Zeroes, though, is that I am primarily a Big Boss fan. Peace Walker was stunningly good and I am desperate to see what happens next.

Also, I commend Rainday on those selections.

Lunar (2) is my wife's favorite childhood game so she got me in to that one pretty heavy. She's also such a big Zelda fan that she owns a customized coat with the triforce logo on it.

I've been BANNED from playing Fire Emblem because 9 and 10 made me a reclusive husband who spent over 200 hours of time ignoring all forms of life. (Best 200 hours ever, though. Dawn was unbelievably good!)

Portrait of Ruin is my favorite Castlevania as mentioned in the video game sightings forum. Only one I ever 1000%'d because it's the only game you CAN 1000%.

As I'm British I'm more in to FFVII-FFIX than any other Final Fantasy as we didn't get the first 3 on the NES/SNES until waaaaay later. My biggest sin is that I've never played FFVI.

Also have a big love/hate thing with Kingdom Hearts. Own them all and play them to death then spend a year telling myself it wasn't that great and then eat the next one right up.

Still fighting myself on getting KH3D. I'm an adult with responsibilities. I can't be buying every shiny new toy just because Squenix tells me to.

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Re: Favorite video games topic

Post  DrgnmastrAlex on Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:18 pm

My turn. Very Happy

Final Fantasy 4,6,9, & 10.
Lunar: The Silver Star
.hack series (played all of the U.S. released games so far. Disappointed that we never got the PSP sequel or Fragment, but oh well... )
Xenosaga ep. 1-3
Persona 4 (I like 3 too, but I'm a bigger fan of 4. It just felt more complete to me.)
Mass Effect series (Be sure to get the Director's Cut free DLC for ME3. Its the ending Bioware should've put in from the beginning.)
KotOR 1&2
Kingdom Hearts 1&2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Megaman Legends 1&2
Devil May Cry 1&3
Odin Sphere
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Dragon Quest 8
Dragon Age: Origins (2 was okay, but it didn't live up to the first one)
Skyrim and Oblivion
Fallout 3
Tales of Symphonia, Vesperia, and The Abyss
Batman: Arkham Asylum and AC

I also have my share of favorite MMO games, including Vindictus, Mabinogi, and SWTOR. Anyway, I'm seeing a huge list of great games from you guys, and I'm a little surprised that .hack and Lunar are up here as well, since they're VERY underground from my perspective. Same with Odin Sphere.

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Re: Favorite video games topic

Post  BohemianIncubus96 on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:14 pm

I have quite a bit

All Final Fantasys except for VIII, X, XI, and XIV (FFIV is my all time favorite game)
All Main Resident Evil games (Toss upe bettween 4 and the REmake for favorite)
Mass Effect trilogy (2 was the best)
Silent Hill 1-3
All Zeldas (Link to the Past is my all time favorite)
Xenogears (another one of my favorite games of all time)
Xenoblade (My new favorite game)
All main Mario games
Most Castlevanias
Persona 3 and 4 (Can't decide which I like better)
Deus Ex series
Street Fighter
Darkstalkers (waiting for Darkstalkers 4)
All Valve games
Fallout series
Star Control 2
Super Metroid and Metroid Prime
Most Megaman games
Lunar 1 and 2 (Really wish this series could get a revival of some sorts)
Metal Gear Solid (Can't decide which I like best)
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Tales of series (I only started to get into these)
Halo (I know it sounds kinda lame but I really do like me some Halo)
Wing Commander
Elder Scrolls
Batman Arkham Asylum/City

If I think of any more I'll add them.


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Re: Favorite video games topic

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