The one that got away...

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The one that got away...

Post  Bellchan on Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:39 pm

I know we've all carried this obsession with us for years and over that time we have encountered scenes and fractions of our interest in times and places where we were unable to keep a record of what we just witnessed.

Has anyone else gone near crazy looking for something which they just couldn't locate ever again?

About 7 years ago I was visiting with my sister who was always in to the whole MTV thing and watched all pop music so one of the TV stations was on in the background and a video came on depicting a woman who (and I note my memory is slanted here due to one brief moment many years ago) lives in a trailer park and gets hit with some radioactive waste (as you do) and as the song progresses the radiation changes her (glowy eyes and such) and puppets her in to a dance number... and at the end of the song her trailer is surrounded by cops and she busts out and using her amazing radioactive powers makes them all do a rigidly robotic dance number to the main song.

I think it was just the sheer fact that I was having a peaceful moment with my sister that the music video struck such an unexpected nerve but... I tried to find it again several times over the years (to the point of just giving up because by now the memory is worth more than the actual product).

Have you guys ever had a scene slip away? And if you were offered it right now, would you take it?

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